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Please find below this week’s assignment:
A player here who shares my craft
Is Enna Kirts (she’s all refinement);
S. Mooney, captain of her draft,
Was born (like me) in bleak December;
E. Gorodok’s a non-Dutch member;
A brand new player’s Stella Quinn;
L. Wychwood in five swaps has been!
P. Phelps’s stash my stash is beating;
H. Bagnold knits, and crochets too;
My favourite colours (green and blue)
Are shared by my spoilee, Ms Sweeting.
And now, my homework done, I’ll go
And give them all a brief hello!

  1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
  2. Someone who was born in the same month.
  3. Someone from a different country.
  4. A new HSKS Quidditch player.
  5. A player who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
  6. A player who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!)
  7. A player who both knits and crochets.
  8. Someone who has the same favorite color as you.

Wish list

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My salutations, Quidditch players!
I’m glad to be among your kind,
With wizards, witches, dragon-slayers,
And others with a sporting mind.
But ere I join ye wizards/witches
For fun times on the Quidditch pitches,
My wish-list really ought to be
My number-one priority.
So here’s the buzz on what I favour:
My fav’rite colors: greens and blues;
Rich blends, and complementary hues
(Like green and red). My fav’rite flavours
Are ginger, chocolate, cardamom,
And local things from where you’re from. 🙂

In terms of all things fragrant (smelly),
The citrus is my fav’rite smell.
My fav’rite sweets are Jelly Belly
(Though Bertie Botts I like as well).
And now the nitty-gritty: fibre!
I’m quite the natural subscriber
(A ‘yarn snob’, sadly, some would say)
So natural fibres all the way.
The one I use the most? Merino;
I like a soft alpaca twine;
Spun silk gives off a lovely shine;
These three in blends are so Nigeno!
Synthetic blends for socks are cool,
And handspun yarn just makes me drool!

My natural bent applies, moreover,
To needles too; I love the wood
Of Knit Picks Harmonies, and Clover
Makes bamboo that are just as good.
But ebony is also pleasant,
(Here comes a notion for a present!)
A six-inch set is on my list,
Size double-O.  (Do these exist?)
I can crochet, but knit by preference;
I spin as well, have woven too,
Love mathematics through and through,
And worship Zimmermann in deference.
Have any questions? Write to me!
(As long as it’s in rhyme – hihi!)

Attention Spoilers!

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Today, through awful wind and weather,
An owl flew in far from her nest –
Exhausted, limp, and torn of feather,
I brought her in so she could rest.
But seconds after her alightment
I almost died from sheer excitement,
For then I saw the package she
Had carried was addressed to me!
My spoiler’s package! Yes! Fantastic!
I grabbed a knife and made a start
At pulling the whole box apart,
Then reconsidered – no, too drastic.
I’ll grab my camera, take it slow,
And make a little video.

I LOVE the bag! It’s sooooooo amazing!
It’s all that I’d been dreaming of!
And no amount of lyric praising
Could e’er express how much I LOVE
This bag. The colours – manly, muted;
The workmanship is indisputed;
The strap, the lining, pockets, size –
A wond’rous sight for knitters’ eyes!
Old canvas tote, begone! I curse you!
Good riddance to your crumpled weave.
But if you thought that I would leave
This ode at just one lousy verse, you
Had better think again – for now
It’s time to look inside… and WOW!


A knitter’s haven! Blesséd heavens!
My knitter’s haven! Oh my Lord,
I’m all at sixes and at sevens
Just looking at this knitter’s hoard!
Let’s start with fibre: gorgeous roving
In vivid colours, quite behoving!
They’re just the colours I would choose:
Such brilliant, deep and noble hues.
The sock yarn’s also quite befitting,
The bronze and blue of Ravenclaw,
And hand-dyed – who could want for more?
I know which yarn I’ll soon be knitting!
That plane trip to Australia now
Just doesn’t seem so dull, somehow.

But I digress – more package waiting!
The needles (Knit Picks Harmony)
She sent were great! I’m celebrating!
The pattern’s just my cup of tea:
Kate Blackburn’s Hareton Socks, and rather
A good idea for my own father!
And even the accessory
Liz chose was perfect just for me –
These tubes for double-pointed needles.
I’ve wanted these for ages! How
Could you have known? Amazing. Wow.
I ought to learn from one who wheedles
So artfully and on the sly –
I doubt I’d even dare to try.

But still the package isn’t finished!
Its goodness is still flowing out
Abundantly and undiminished,
And so too must my verse, devout.
Ms Wychwood’s curried all my favour
With shameless, cruel assaults of flavour:
With ginger bicsuits, chocolate treats
And Hagrid’s pocket Muggle sweets.
With scent she’s also proved alluring,
With gels for shower, shaving and
Deodorant for men – how grand!
So I’ll be smelling lovely, during…
SuDoku puzzles (Killer style)!
They’ll keep me entertained a while.

A precious knitted sock and sweater
I’ll hang upon the Christmas tree.
Liz couldn’t have done any better
Than this, her final gift to me:
A knitting journal, for designing,
For records, notes, ideas, (pining!)
So practical and full of style,
I’d wanted one for quite a while.
And now the only act remaining
Is to express my gratitude –
Alas, these words are far too crude –
My happiness defies explaining.
That’s why the best kit, I declare,
Should go to Lizzie – fair and square.


Quidditch Round 3

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The duel is over! Now, relaxing,
I’m drinking coffee with a friend
And trying to forget the taxing
Duel that now has reached its end.
And then I saw I hadn’t yet done
My homework, which I need to get done!
And so I’ll keep it brief: b,c,


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The duelling club this week is crazy –
As if I hadn’t work enough,
(It’s that, or I’m just getting lazy)
I find these lacy socks quite tough.
I guess I’ll have to learn to suffer –
The final duel will just be tougher,
If only I can find the strength
To knit these suckers to full length
Before Ms Flitwick beats me to it.
But Ravenclaws, your calls and cheers
On Ravelry have reached my ears,
And help me think that I can do it!
So keep it up, don’t let me down –
We’ll see who takes that duelling crown!

Busy Busy Busy

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I’m feeling my excitement mounting.
I sent my package yesterday,
So now the days I’m slowly counting
While Lensky flies along his way.
Apart from that, life’s pretty stressful,
I really wish my hands were less full,
And so I think I’ll keep things terse
And leave this post at half a verse…
No wait – what goal would that be serving?
I pledged on my first Hogwarts day
To do my darndest, come what may,
For Ravenclaw! And so, unswerving,
I’ll carry on until the end,
‘Til this, the final line, is penned.

Ravenclaw homework

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I’m feeling really uninspired.
This poem-writing’s really tough.
On top of that I’m really tired,
And work this week’s been really rough.
Alas, those deadlines do need meeting,
And all my homework needs completing,
So here I am, the task’s begun!
I’ll start off now with question one:
The question is, what’s Arth call Molly?
(It’s Mollywobbles); Dumbledore’s
Called Dumberton and Dunderbore;
The Pygmy Puff’s called Arnold (golly!);
And now the apparating D’s
(Just give me one short moment please…)

The first of them is Destination,
Determination’s number two,
The third, of course – Deliberation;
Dementors – what did Harry do?
Patronus Charm! And at the rites of
Poor Dumbledore, the many flights of
Arrows were fired by centaurs; Burned
Was Riddle’s wardrobe, so he learned
That Dumbledore was also magic.
The maggots were what Kreacher gave;
A garden gnome they did enslave
For use upon the tree (how tragic!)
The Nosebeed Nougat was the top
Attraction in the Weasleys’ shop.

The reason Harry made a threat to
Kick Ron out was his attitude;
The one that breaks the vow will get to
Find out what death is like (he’s screwed);
Cormac McLaggen was the smarty
Hermione went with to the party,
And Celestina Warbeck’s voice
Was Mrs Weasley’s favourite choice.
The only two who know the story
About the vision, I declare,
Are Dumbledore and Harry. There!
My homework’s finished! Hunky-dory!
And now I have a serious hunch
That I’ll be off to have some lunch…