Wish list

My salutations, Quidditch players!
I’m glad to be among your kind,
With wizards, witches, dragon-slayers,
And others with a sporting mind.
But ere I join ye wizards/witches
For fun times on the Quidditch pitches,
My wish-list really ought to be
My number-one priority.
So here’s the buzz on what I favour:
My fav’rite colors: greens and blues;
Rich blends, and complementary hues
(Like green and red). My fav’rite flavours
Are ginger, chocolate, cardamom,
And local things from where you’re from. 🙂

In terms of all things fragrant (smelly),
The citrus is my fav’rite smell.
My fav’rite sweets are Jelly Belly
(Though Bertie Botts I like as well).
And now the nitty-gritty: fibre!
I’m quite the natural subscriber
(A ‘yarn snob’, sadly, some would say)
So natural fibres all the way.
The one I use the most? Merino;
I like a soft alpaca twine;
Spun silk gives off a lovely shine;
These three in blends are so Nigeno!
Synthetic blends for socks are cool,
And handspun yarn just makes me drool!

My natural bent applies, moreover,
To needles too; I love the wood
Of Knit Picks Harmonies, and Clover
Makes bamboo that are just as good.
But ebony is also pleasant,
(Here comes a notion for a present!)
A six-inch set is on my list,
Size double-O.  (Do these exist?)
I can crochet, but knit by preference;
I spin as well, have woven too,
Love mathematics through and through,
And worship Zimmermann in deference.
Have any questions? Write to me!
(As long as it’s in rhyme – hihi!)


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