Attention Spoilers!

Today, through awful wind and weather,
An owl flew in far from her nest –
Exhausted, limp, and torn of feather,
I brought her in so she could rest.
But seconds after her alightment
I almost died from sheer excitement,
For then I saw the package she
Had carried was addressed to me!
My spoiler’s package! Yes! Fantastic!
I grabbed a knife and made a start
At pulling the whole box apart,
Then reconsidered – no, too drastic.
I’ll grab my camera, take it slow,
And make a little video.

I LOVE the bag! It’s sooooooo amazing!
It’s all that I’d been dreaming of!
And no amount of lyric praising
Could e’er express how much I LOVE
This bag. The colours – manly, muted;
The workmanship is indisputed;
The strap, the lining, pockets, size –
A wond’rous sight for knitters’ eyes!
Old canvas tote, begone! I curse you!
Good riddance to your crumpled weave.
But if you thought that I would leave
This ode at just one lousy verse, you
Had better think again – for now
It’s time to look inside… and WOW!


A knitter’s haven! Blesséd heavens!
My knitter’s haven! Oh my Lord,
I’m all at sixes and at sevens
Just looking at this knitter’s hoard!
Let’s start with fibre: gorgeous roving
In vivid colours, quite behoving!
They’re just the colours I would choose:
Such brilliant, deep and noble hues.
The sock yarn’s also quite befitting,
The bronze and blue of Ravenclaw,
And hand-dyed – who could want for more?
I know which yarn I’ll soon be knitting!
That plane trip to Australia now
Just doesn’t seem so dull, somehow.

But I digress – more package waiting!
The needles (Knit Picks Harmony)
She sent were great! I’m celebrating!
The pattern’s just my cup of tea:
Kate Blackburn’s Hareton Socks, and rather
A good idea for my own father!
And even the accessory
Liz chose was perfect just for me –
These tubes for double-pointed needles.
I’ve wanted these for ages! How
Could you have known? Amazing. Wow.
I ought to learn from one who wheedles
So artfully and on the sly –
I doubt I’d even dare to try.

But still the package isn’t finished!
Its goodness is still flowing out
Abundantly and undiminished,
And so too must my verse, devout.
Ms Wychwood’s curried all my favour
With shameless, cruel assaults of flavour:
With ginger bicsuits, chocolate treats
And Hagrid’s pocket Muggle sweets.
With scent she’s also proved alluring,
With gels for shower, shaving and
Deodorant for men – how grand!
So I’ll be smelling lovely, during…
SuDoku puzzles (Killer style)!
They’ll keep me entertained a while.

A precious knitted sock and sweater
I’ll hang upon the Christmas tree.
Liz couldn’t have done any better
Than this, her final gift to me:
A knitting journal, for designing,
For records, notes, ideas, (pining!)
So practical and full of style,
I’d wanted one for quite a while.
And now the only act remaining
Is to express my gratitude –
Alas, these words are far too crude –
My happiness defies explaining.
That’s why the best kit, I declare,
Should go to Lizzie – fair and square.



7 Responses to “Attention Spoilers!”

  1. You are one lucky, lucky wizard! What an awesome kit!

  2. My dear Eugene I’m moved to say,
    Your posting here has made my day,
    I’m humbled by each gracious line,
    The pleasure though is mostly mine.
    I’m thrilled you like it all so much,
    And filmed your joy – a lovely touch,
    Your exclamations made me glad,
    To have spoiled such a lovely lad.

    ‘Tis true I had to work with guile,
    To find out what would make you smile,
    So thanks to Enna for helpful clues,
    Which helped avoid those swapping blues.
    The tubes were my own idea though,
    I have a set that I would not let go!
    I now love needles that are double pointed,
    Since these helpful aids I reconnoitred.

    The bag I swore at infinitum,
    Before it was a finished item,
    Big knitting makes my fingers sore,
    It nearly wore my patience raw.
    But now I’m pleased I took the time,
    To make this for you, man of rhyme,
    Though sad it marks the end of this,
    Our partnership of poetic bliss!

  3. Good one Lizzie!! I’m proud of you!!

  4. Most excellent package! Congrats to you for getting the best package ever! And, way to go Lizzie–you really put together a remarkable kit!

  5. OMG!!! I LOVE the bag, too! I’ll take it off your hands… 😉 LOL Just kidding! But only because I know you’d never part with it! WOW!!!!! That is one AMAZING kit!!!

  6. Oh, wow, I love that bag! What a great kit, Lizzie! And thanks for the video, Brent!

  7. omg! a video! what a fantastic way to show wht you received. i am toally stealing that idea for the next swap i am in :0)

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