Ravenclaw homework

I’m feeling really uninspired.
This poem-writing’s really tough.
On top of that I’m really tired,
And work this week’s been really rough.
Alas, those deadlines do need meeting,
And all my homework needs completing,
So here I am, the task’s begun!
I’ll start off now with question one:
The question is, what’s Arth call Molly?
(It’s Mollywobbles); Dumbledore’s
Called Dumberton and Dunderbore;
The Pygmy Puff’s called Arnold (golly!);
And now the apparating D’s
(Just give me one short moment please…)

The first of them is Destination,
Determination’s number two,
The third, of course – Deliberation;
Dementors – what did Harry do?
Patronus Charm! And at the rites of
Poor Dumbledore, the many flights of
Arrows were fired by centaurs; Burned
Was Riddle’s wardrobe, so he learned
That Dumbledore was also magic.
The maggots were what Kreacher gave;
A garden gnome they did enslave
For use upon the tree (how tragic!)
The Nosebeed Nougat was the top
Attraction in the Weasleys’ shop.

The reason Harry made a threat to
Kick Ron out was his attitude;
The one that breaks the vow will get to
Find out what death is like (he’s screwed);
Cormac McLaggen was the smarty
Hermione went with to the party,
And Celestina Warbeck’s voice
Was Mrs Weasley’s favourite choice.
The only two who know the story
About the vision, I declare,
Are Dumbledore and Harry. There!
My homework’s finished! Hunky-dory!
And now I have a serious hunch
That I’ll be off to have some lunch…


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