Ravenclaw House Quiz

Elixir to Induce Euphoria
May make you sing or tweak your nose,
But peppermint will change the story – a
Small sprig will put a stop to those.
The Acromantula’s strong poison
Per pint’s a hundred Galleons. Boys on
Your mind? Well, make them love-obsessed
With Amortentia – it’s the best!
A bezoar was Harry’s notion
When saving Ron; the Weasley’s tricks
Involved perfume and coughing mix
As packaging to smuggle potion;
And Draco’s failed “amusing” trick
Was hiccupping solution (hic!).

Where Darkness Powder’s been disposed of,
No fire or light spells will be seen;
The Draught of Living Death’s composed of
A single Sopophorous Bean
Plus wormwood, asphodel and root from
Valerian; And all the loot from
A unicorn hair that you’ll reap
Is 10 small Galleons (going cheap!)
And now the part for Extra Credit:
I much prefer to knit, that’s true;
My favourite weight is sock yarn; Ooh,
I’m such a yarn snob (there, I said it!)
So natural fibres all the way
(Some plastic in sock yarn’s okay).

The fibres I dislike are cotton,
Synthetics, mohair, stuff like that.
Effect yarns are especially not on
(Exception – see my Rasta Hat).
The pairs of socks I’ve knit are numerous,
‘Round 30; Favourite knit? That’s humourous!
Of course it’s socks! My favourite treat
Is scones with jam and cream to eat.
I drink both tea and coffee freely;
I have no online wish list (oops!);
The Rav’ says I’m in 19 groups;
A special item? Well, I’d really
Like DPNs (6-inch 00’s)
If somebody could get me those…


2 Responses to “Ravenclaw House Quiz”

  1. I LOVE it!!!! 😀

  2. Absolutely fantastic, you were definitely sorted correctly into Ravenclaw!

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