Dueling club package

Today was glum, all grey and raining.
But while I worked up in my room,
An owl flew in a pack containing
A gift to brighten up the gloom.
A nicely woven spell, quite clever
(And quite an arduous endeavour):
Two socks knit on – now hear this friends –
A single set of DPNs!
And though they may not fit precisely,
(Her first time with the spell, you see)
I love them and, believe you me,
They’re warming up my feet quite nicely!
So, Danish witch, three cheers to you!
(And thank you for the chocolate too!)


4 Responses to “Dueling club package”

  1. Lovely package! And such a clever way to tell us all about it! ;o)


  2. Smiles, Now im going to give one more try, thistime on circuilars 4 socks at once (2 in one) and 2 different patterns too…

    Glad you liked the package.

  3. that chocolate was orgasmic!

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