Fresh start

Alas! The Quidditch match is history.
No Snitch for Ravenclaw. And so
I thought perhaps another mystery
Might help with our get-up-and-go.
A new conundrum – one to muddle
Great minds, to frustrate and befuddle!
Uphold the pride of bronze and blue!
Seek out the answer! Here’s the clue:
A secret do I keep inside me –
Nobody knows it, only I.
I want to tell, but when I try,
Methinks that others may deride me.
A friend must ‘out’ me – do the deed!
Look in this rhyme – it’s all you need.


2 Responses to “Fresh start”

  1. A game, a game… ooh I love games!

    Perhaps I’ll make a guess, and as a guess I’ll say
    Eagle? No. It’s a flightless bird that does not prey
    Nosher of fish, lover of krill
    Given flipper-like wings and an
    Unrequited love of chill
    I could be entirely wrong, it’s happened before
    Now please tell this terribly rhyimg Ravenclaw if I’ve found the right shore

    (oh boy, rhyming at 6 a.m. isn’t easy!

  2. […] thing I’d like to mention To help my spoiler (as I ought). A look through these preceding pages Reveals that I’m an Animagus, Which means I have a beastly form Unlike the human wizard norm. […]

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