Ms Vance was recently departed;
Cruel Bella killed a fox (I swear!);
Eleven p.m.’s when they started;
And Slughorn turned into a chair.
An E (Exceeded Expectation);
A duck was Herb’s impersonation;
Pomona is the name you seek;
Why, nitwit, oddment, blubber, tweak!
Now, Belby’s uncle: Damocles,
Snape’s mother’s name is Eileen Prince.
And now I’d better hurry, since
I’ve just two lines to give you these:
Narcissa, Bellatrix and Sprout;
Snape, Dumbledore. (That’s it, I’m out!)


2 Responses to “Homework”

  1. Hi Eugene! Are you using a Pushkin sonnet? The meter was throwing me off, but these guys are talking about 9 syllables in a row being okay if they are anapestic…

    Very funny last name!! Nigeno Onegin 😀

  2. eugenenigeno Says:


    You’re right, I took this rhyme and meter
    From Alex Pushkin’s work – so warm
    And flowing, I know nothing sweeter
    Than this, his finest sonnet form
    Made up of iambs in tetrameter
    (Unlike the widely used pentameter)
    And alternating rhymes: as in,
    First feminine, then masculine.
    That would explain your brief confusion –
    Sometimes these rules of rhyme create
    Nine syllables, and sometimes eight,
    Which could call up the brief illusion
    That something somewhere’s gone amiss.
    But no – it’s right. Confused? Read this.

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