Dueling club

The duel’s begun! Here’s my initial
Attempt to stun my enemy.
Just giving my old wand a swish’ll
Be bound to sap her energy.
Perhaps a little incantation
Would aid with incapacitation…
But what’s the most effective charm
To deaden, startle, or disarm?
Flagrate? No, that’s far too perilous…
Furnunculous? No, she’d get sick.
A stupefy would do the trick,
(Although the teachers could get querulous.)
No, duelling’s not supposed to harm us.
I know! Here goes…. EXPELLIARMUS!


6 Responses to “Dueling club”

  1. minerva wood Says:

    haha I love it!

  2. I tell you It has been worken, but Lavender broke the spell 9 hours ago and now im knitting again, ready to mail today, If im lucky my owl is fast and yours is on a dtour looking for other owls, I know they have a get togeter on the west coast in Jutland… Mine is not going there ofcourse… 😉

  3. Hi. I´m Charlottes patronus, and you will need much sterner stuff to get through me!

    (Charlotte, the bonus you promised is to be delivered before midnight thursday)

  4. There you see Eugene, my patronus is strong… so don go Expelliarmus me.. 🙂

  5. Wow… very nice on the rhyming entries! I especially like this one and best of luck in the dueling club!

    -Tia Pascal, Slytherin ❤

  6. […] Eugene did this to me, now I bether understand why im still knitting, lucky me Lavender broke the spell about 9 hours ago. […]

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