Bad day

My day today was rather dreadful.
A guy who said he’d call did not,
And then I always have a head full
Of “Why?” and “Was it me?” and “What?!”
And then my bike got nicked because I
Had left the keys in it… Where was I?
Oh yes: “Additions to the vault
Of Dumb Things That Are My Own Fault”.
Then, waiting for the bus and knitting,
The needles fell out of my lace.
My feeble efforts to replace
The stitches only left me gritting
My teeth, and hoping like all hell:
“Please, let the dueling club go well!!”


2 Responses to “Bad day”

  1. ohh dear, what an dreadfull day you got… Now today is going to get better im sure, as I know the duel is worikng out fine for you… Im off to job soon, and you got the day off… You luck… 🙂
    my luck im taking my clas on a trip, that is going to be great fun, we are going to the playground, biking and playing “your it”…. 🙂
    Have a nice day, hope the guy will call you today.

  2. Sorry you had a crummy day! Hope things are better tomorrow!

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