My Potter name’s Eugene Nigeno;
I’m Brentusfirmus on the Rav’;
No pets of any kind for me; no
Kind of allergies I have.
My favourite yarns are natural sock yarns –
Don’t really like synthetic (mock!) yarns;
I have a minor preference for
The blue and bronze in Ravenclaw;
Fave flavour’s ginger; Christmas; Sock Kit;
For needles, Knit Picks Harmony
(2 millimeters) are for me;
No other brands I think might rock. It
Is not my birthday in this swap.
I’m first year. (Phew! Now I can stop!)


4 Responses to “Questionnaire”

  1. I quite like your poetry!

  2. Hey, you like ginger too? I don’t have a sense of smell. so I taste very little, but i can *feel* ginger. I make candied ginger from scratch at Christmas time. Want the recipe?

  3. minerva wood Says:

    haha you are amazing…always able to rhyme!

  4. I really like your poetry, it makes reading your blog special

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