This morning I awoke in bed and,
When I heard someone close the door,
I lifted up my tired head and
Was not prepared for what I saw.
My room was perfectly in order –
As though some new, obsessive boarder
Had come and spent all night and day
Just putting everything away!
Perhaps that house-elf someone mentioned…
What was her name? I tried to think,
Then found a note upon the sink:
“With compliments, your well-intentioned
(And tidy!) house-elf.” It was signed
By “Kit Kaboodle“. My, how kind!


2 Responses to “Elvish”

  1. Oi! Any chance you’re interested in sharing a dormroom with me?

  2. eugenenigeno Says:

    Why, thank you for the invitation!
    I’d love to come and share your dorm.
    So what’s the plan for relocation?
    How do we do it? What’s the norm?
    A roommate! I can scarce believe it.
    But I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it
    Right there – I have to keep things terse
    (I’ve only time for half a verse).


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