My boredom mounts… time slowly passes.
I really just wish term would start.
But god, where did I put my glasses?
Perhaps they’re in that custard tart
I baked before I packed my suitcase…
Or did I leave them in my flute case?
Let’s see… nope. Well, I’m sure I’ll track
Them down somehow. Or maybe… (crack)
Ah. Yes. Wrapped up in that bolero
I’m making for my sister. Drat!
How could I have forgotten that?
No problem – Oculus reparo!
Ahhh… Now that things are crystal-clear,
I think I’ll grab a butterbeer…


3 Responses to “Unpacking”

  1. Lilly Namstoob Says:

    Young Eugene,

    May I remind you that the underaged are NOT allowed to use magic outside their regular classes?

    Consider yourself warned.



  2. eugenenigeno Says:

    I’m sorry, I know how this sounds, but
    I thought it was another rule:
    That corridoors were out of bounds, but
    For magic, not the rest of school?
    If I’m to wait for classroom bells and
    Professors, how will I learn spells and
    Prepare for my exams? I fail
    To understand this rule’s avail.
    I really only want to practice;
    The corridoors I understand,
    But why should magic use be banned
    In other areas? That’s cactus!
    But fine; from magic I’ll refrain,
    And hope that someone can explain.

  3. Eugene, with this display
    You prove thoroughly connected
    And to my extreme dismay
    Here I stand, alas, corrected.
    I read your entry without thinking
    (wait a minute, ARE YOU DRINKING?)
    That you will not take the train
    But have arrived early, let me explain:
    Performing magic is no vice
    In the tower or your room
    It will make your smartness bloom
    If it’s homework, do it twice!
    So for now, Eugene, relax,
    And be careful with that Axe.

    Best regards,


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