Blue and bronze

All qualms and doubts, I bid ye farewell!
To Ravenclaw I pledge my warm
Allegiance, and now mount the stairwell
To greet my comrades in my dorm
And start preparing for my classes
(Oh crap, did I forget my glasses?
I guess I’ll have to write a charm –
I’m sure it won’t do any harm)
And practice for Transfiguration,
Read up on Hogwarts history,
Brush up on my Herbology,
And meditate for Divination
Before I drink my Elkwood sap
And take a long, pre-breakfast nap.


2 Responses to “Blue and bronze”

  1. Welcome Eugene! I can tell it is going to be a pleasure having you at Ravenclaw. I love your method of posting, truly unique!

  2. eugenenigeno Says:


    I thank you for your salutations!
    It’s been a very lovely week.
    But I’m afraid that your ovations
    About my blogging as ‘unique’,
    Though flattering, are quite unfounded,
    As verses in this form abounded
    Before I tried my pen and hand
    At this, a sonnet form so grand.
    So now a puzzle: Whose form is it?
    Which author first wrote thus, I ask?
    To find the answer is your task.
    To tackle this informal quiz, it
    Will not be necessary to
    Look very far – my blog will do.


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